Party 9/20 | German Village Haus und Garten pretour

Party 9/20 | German Village Haus und Garten pretour


When looking for a new home for me and my Australian Shepherd, Kobe, there were a few questions that I asked myself…

  1. Was there a park right down the street for Kobe?

  2. Was there a coffee shop right down the street for me?

  3. Was it in German Village?

Okay maybe #3 wasn’t a requirement… and maybe there were a few more logistic details like parking, price and square footage…

But I work in the Village and the community spoke to me for so many reasons.  I love the adorable hidden nooks and that no matter how many times I take Kobe on a walk down City Park, we find a new house to look at with a fond “aww.”  I love the gardens and the scooters and the parks.  And I love how wonderfully nice people are.  It’s like everyone walks out of their home in the morning, steps onto those brick paths and thinks, “I love it here.”  They smile as they pass and might hold up a friendly hand in hello.  Dogs trot beside their humans without a leash (will someone train my dog to do that?) or sit patiently outside of the coffee shop waiting for their owner to emerge.  

Have I painted the picture for you? 
So into the village we moved. 

It is wonderful to call this place home.  And It’s great that Two Caterers and our CEO Angela Petro call it home as well.  Because of this shared love, when the German Village Society hosts events, we are all eager to support.  The Haus und Garten Tour is one of our favorite events each year.  We have volunteered to stand at houses on the tour, we cater dinners in the village on Pre-Tour night, and we join in the fun.  This year, as a part of 20YearsFresh, we wanted to do something a little different…

+ Golf Cart
+ Puppy-Chow
= Master Plan

I am convinced that every great idea starts with the words "Let's rent a golf cart..."  and when that great idea ends with "...pass out delicious food," it's obviously a recipe for success.    This event was EXTRA fun because I had my sister along for the ride.  At Two Caterers, we love to recruit our family members to work with us.  It’s been great having my sister Kelly with me this summer as our Marketing Video Intern and it definitely made this golf cart adventure that much more entertaining! 



We loaded up the “Fresh Cart” with delicious treats and hit the brick streets of German Village.  Despite the minor, technical difficulties with the cart, we had a blast.  Check out Kelly’s video for the highlight/blooper reel!

After passing out puppy-chow to the attendees, we cruised over to the Petro Home to see how their pre-tour dinner was coming along.  Inspired by Robert Frost’s Fire and Ice, every detail was perfectly curated.  From the linens, to the mix-matched chairs, to the centerpieces that were fabricated by one of our staff members specifically for this event, everything was beautiful!  That’s not even to mention the incredible, artful menu created by our brilliant culinary team.

Check out pictures of the event here!

Fun facts about this menu:

  • Our heirloom carrots, asparagus and pattypan squash were sourced from the garden of our very own Sous Chef, Seth Warren

  • Vegetables in the Gazpacho Consomme came from our friends at Hershberger Farm:

    James, Culinary Administrator: "For this party - and for much of this spring - we've been getting produce from Hershberger family farm based out of Millersburg, Ohio.  They are Mennonite, so they do not have a website or even a working phone number of their own to reach them at.  They give me a call on Monday or over the weekend with what they are bringing to market for the week and I tell them an approximate amount of what we might go through for the upcoming week.  Then on Wednesday he makes his rounds downtown.  We've been buying everything from Snipped green beans, asparagus, heirloom cherry and regular-sized tomatoes, seedless cucumber, summer squash and bell peppers.  For a few weeks we were getting strawberries too and they were amazing."
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