Some Things are Better Together

Some Things are Better Together

We are celebrating Togetherness this holiday season, because like milk & cookies, cabernet and tenderloin, sweaters and a cold day, some things are just better together. 

And because sometimes, certain entrees go perfectly with one side or another, our catering specialists have selected menu pairings to help inspire your taste buds this holiday season.

Hear our team talk about their favorite winter dishes:



Joshua Shipley, Catering Specialist Coordinator

Fruit, cheese, and Chardonnay.  Seems like a likely combination, right?  Well in this case, it most definitely is!  

There is a beautiful combination of flavors when we pair Raeburn's Russian River Valley Chardonnay and our Mascarpone & Apple Bruschetta.

First, lets take a look at the food…

Toast a crostini and add a schmear of mascarpone cheese, a creamy cheese with a slight sweetness and rich buttery texture.  Then, top mascarpone with a mound of seasonally-spiced apples filled with all the flavors of the season. Pick your favorites from nutmeg, cinnamon, all spice, and clove.  These warm, savory spices paired with the texture and flavor of the mascarpone make for one delicious bite.

Now, the wine…

Raeburn's Russian River Valley Chardonnay smells and tastes like ripe, golden apples with hints of caramelized citrus.  These front notes are followed by a quick, creamy finish. Additionally, this complexly textured Chardonnay leaves hints of vanilla and oak behind on the palette.  

When paired with the sweet and savory elements of our Mascarpone & Apple Bruschetta, we see a lovely trend emerge:

crisp fruit, creamy texture, warm flavors...

Together, this wonderfully layered seasonal hors d'oeuvre and equally balanced Chardonnay stand together as a terrific pairing that will surely brighten your holidays. 



Shawn Klingel, Production Chef

Meat & Potatoes.

Whatever party you are hosting, you most likely have a crowd of people that love meat and potatoes. These menu essentials will pair together well and please your guests, but for your holiday celebration it is important to elevate your guest experience. We can serve menu staples while making them memorable through artful display and a fresh approach.

A slight spice rub on a beef tenderloin adds an unexpected kick while the sweet peppers skewered with it create a balance.

When we add the potato bravas - crisp potatoes topped with a touch of spicy chili and savory garlic aioli - we create a filling element that completes an hors d’oeuvre menu, ensuring guests feel satisfied. Using a vessel like the pail pictured above adds unique display opportunities that can surprise guests.

Meat and potatoes are a traditional pairing.

Serve together with some non-traditional flavors and display ideas to elevate your celebration.

Pairing #3: PECAN PIE & COFFEE


Angela Edgemon, Graphic Designer

Pecan pie tastes like the holidays. 

It's my grandma's special recipe scrawled on a faded notecard. It's crunchy, sweet, homey. It's two slices during a family movie marathon when you're already stuffed full of food, and then another slice for breakfast the next day. 

Coffee is bitter, familiar, and warm all the way down.

(Don't forget a splash or two of Bailey's!) It's cold fingers eagerly clasped around a hot mug. It's the perfect complement to wash down the sticky-sweetness of pecan pie, and better yet the perfect weapon against post-dinner food comas.

The pecan pie and coffee pairing reminds me of the holidays more than any other kind of dessert, and more importantly it reminds me of home. 

Find more holiday pairings and start planning your own menu with Two Caterers.

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