Ohio Produced, Ohio Proud

As someone who grew up in New York, I never expected to move to Ohio. Ohio seemed wayyyy out there. Too far, too quiet, too country…until I found Columbus. Columbus is the city gem with the Midwest feel I had always been looking for.

We are the Pantone Color of 2017

The New York Times recently brought up a good point: "When the question of what will define 2017 comes up, the response most often includes words like 'Trump' and 'populism' and 'division' and 'anger'... 'Green' — not so much." 

Party 02/20 | Trading Spaces

The Kitchen opened their "home" to us and we opened ours to them. We served meals we were both proud of and that we thought the other would enjoy. We took the time to think communally instead of competitively and in the end we both had a glimpse into the others world.

Party 01/20 | But who the hell catered it?

I have to start this one with a funny story... Our General Manager, Jay (who we surprised with a puppy for Christmas but that's another story) received an email after our first blog post informing us, in one brief sentence, that the photograph we led with was pretty terrible.